Shop Mobile More Submit  Join Login sucked...I don't know if I told you guys, but I have special needs, I'm OCD, and I'm pretty sensitive. So I go to this place that lets people like me hang out and one of the newer workers was just being rude.

I won't go into all the detail right now, but it wasn't okay that she yelled at me. Then she says my attitude sucked. I had to hold back my tears. In a softy guy. I'm not one of those tough like men, I'm litterally a soft person that can be hurt easily...and cry easily too.

Like I said before, lots of things are changing around me and I don't like it...I hate change, it's why I get sad when I can't RP with my first friends I made on da, like :iconraidenexe: or :iconmdestroyer27: (just a few examples of some of my earlier friends) and I know they are busy, but it still makes me sad at times :(

Anyways I'm gonna end this journal, I just wanna relax and post two new drawings :iconloveponies89: made with Kalama. Love you all...
Because there's so much going on in my life right now. My mom is getting married, my sister is moving out this Saturday and I've been playing cards (Vanguard and Buddyfight) with my friend again. Heck, I haven't even had time to work on my stories!

So which is why I've also been posting art from my friend with Kalama, so you guys can still see something from me. Though my friend is awesome for taking her time to draw my OC Kalama the Litten for me :) your awesome :iconloveponies89: :D

Anyways, I will try and get some stories done tomorrow as least, but I can't promise :(

As for drawings, I will try and get some Vanguard drawings going as there's a few things I wanna draw :)
Hey everyone! So, I love playing card games, such as Force of Will, Luck and Logic (though still working on the rules XD), Yugioh (not for competitive stuff, just for fun), Buddyfight, and the greatest ever, Cardfight!! Vanguard.

But I've never really been that great with Pokemom. And here's why; I have no idea how to build a great, good or even decent deck. With the game so listed above, except Luck and logic as it's still new to me, I built decks all the time, I knew what to throw into a deck, I knew what would work and what wouldn't.

For Pokemon decks...I couldn't build a working deck that's decent to save my life :(

I've had some in the past, like my dragon/grass (Goodra and Victorybel) heal deck, but that was best for a test deck, like if I wanted to teach a new player, I'd use that deck.

I had started a fire/electric deck focused on Charizard (my childhood favorite) and Luxray, but never really finished. 

I always asked my friends at this game store called Black Moon, which has been around for 2 years now in my town, if I could use their decks, and when I did, I mostly won. It got me thinking, "what am I doing wrong? Do I need to just focus on one type? Do I need certain cards?"

I wasn't sure, and even when I asked, I didn't really get much help. Oh, not because no one wanted to, but because I didn't have any cards that could really make a good deck, I had rarely any EX cards so that didn't help.

Okay off track here, so, my question to everyone here; can you guys help me? I really wanna make a deck around Incineroar and Solgaleo, but I don't know what to use...I'm helpless here guys, please help me~
First, my new wifi seems to be finally working correctly! But watch, as soon as this goes up its gonna stop, so I'm still gonna wait another few hours and see what happens :)

Second, the poll for my Kingdom Hearts story, (still working on title) and I'll be saving it for June! This will give me time to work on ALO "season 1", Oninomaru, Dragon Ball Warriors "season 1", and hopefully my Star Wars remake, just 12 chapters, but it's tough right now :( Then in summer I'll be starting Sao prequel (unless I'm still finishing up ALO), and Kingdom Hearts :) (yes, I know it's only two but I might start older stories). Fall will be FNAF, either Alien or Predator, I'll have a poll for it, and finally a secret story ;) and winter...still deciding XD 

Finally, to the following people, there are 40 days left until the Kingdom Hearts contest ends, just a reminder as one person has finished ;)







That's all for now! Hopefully my wifi stays and if so, I'll reopen RPs ;)
Yeah, the mode that's supposed to be not hard nor easy, is clearly in a hard mode setting. I'm losing lots of HP as if I was in Proud mode. So, what's the deal? Why is Standard mode so tough? I usually play Easy mode just so I enjoy the game and not struggle (ironicly as its KH2 XD) or rage quit. Proud and Critical mode I understand, they are supposed to be challenging. But Standard modes shouldn't be this tough. I really don't want to restart with Easy mode as I'm trying to unlock "all the endings" that's only in Standard mode, as Proud and Critical have the secret ending (which I'm not too worried about getting right now).

Do if anyone has any tips for me, please let me know~ 
I feel like I'm in a circle of hate at mom is always in a bad mood, my sister is in a bad mood because of my mom and my uncle is in a bad mood because of my mom and because of work. So I'm always surrounded by so much anger...and it's stressing me out and I can't focus on things...which is why I haven't really drawn or done as many rps lately....

I can't go anywhere either, I don't have a car or anything like that so I'm usually stuck at home by myself or watching my cousin, which is already a lot of work.

And my 3G data is don't fit the month so I'm stuck with pretty much no real wifi expect for Xfinity which sometimes kicks me off because I'm not really connected to it. So another reason why RPs might be slow...

Oh! And we haven't had a dumpster for the last week so the garbage is starting to pile up in the kitchen and my porch and the landlord isn't really doing anything about it! It was supposed to be here yesterday!

*sigh*....guys I don't know what to do...I feel like my home isn't my home my mom yelled at me for locking the door yesterday when me, my sister and cousin went out for pizza and she texts;

Mom: "Why the fuck does the door need to always be locked?!"

Me: "Because we aren't home"

Mom: So?

I had no words...and then we got home, my mom locked the house up on us. Luckily we had out keys but still...and then she locked herself in her room.

And for those wondering, the reason we lock the door in the first place, was because $300 was stolen from our home. Also with my PS4 in the house (unless I bring it with me to a friend's or a family's house), in not leaving it at home with an unlocked door. Oh, and want to know who's idea it was to start locking the house? My mom. Yeah, not joking.

So I just have lots of stress right now....

Sorry to rant on guys...but I don't really have anyone IRL to talk with this stuff about...
So I'm watching the Kingdom Hearts DDD opening and my cousin, five yours old, was watching and yelling "Yay Donald! Goofie Goofie! Aaaaaand...*Sora pops out* and him."

It was so funny because he doesn't know Sora XD
May your search for eggs and bunny girls be a great one! XD 

I'll be working on a few things today, Dragon Ball Warriors, Oninomaru and ALO ch4^^ or I at least hope so XD I plan on playing on my PSVITA so I don't know if I'll get to all of these today^^ ALO ch4 is something I'll post today or tomorrow ;)
My house floods, the new washer is shit, and my stupid wifi doesn't work!! I'm literally crying right now, so I'm writing because I can't even see what I'm writing down too well... 
So I don't know what's going on with it but it's being too slow, like the loading bar stops 1/3 of the way. So I have to use my 3G data, again, until I can figure out why it's being a s*it hole!

Sorry for sounding angry, but I'm almost of of 3G and when that goes I can't talk on DA or use my other things like Face Book, YouTube, Google, ect :(

I'm just really mad that my mom didn't call the landlord to get the toilet fixed sooner because if she had, I wouldn't be having this problem!!
Okay, every time I remove journals or something from my notifications it deletes but then re-appears that says "error! Unable to delete" but I can delete it after a few clicks. And when I reply in comments/messages, it won't send and say "unable to send". 

If anyone else is having trouble please let me know
Yup! It's back after one day! We got a new box and everything! So RPs are back on as well as a few screenshots of my Xenoverse OCs!^^
Reached 100,000 page views and 500 watchers. Everyone, thank you SO much for supporting me for these two years!!

Your all wonderful waters, RPers, friends, and family to me. I really love you guys!! I mean it! 

Sadly a few of my watchers have deactivated, but I can still feel their spirits :)

I haven't decided on what to do yet as a "thank you" drawing, so it might be a bit late^^;

Anyways I really love you guys and THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!


(Side note: 2,000 deviations and 47,154 comments^^)

Hey guys, so the pipes on our toleit bursted and water leaked into the living room ceiling and got onto the wifi box and I'm using my 3G but I can't waste it so I won't be able to use wifi for a bit :(
So I'm trying to draw my OC for my Attack on Titan story so you guys can see her, but...yeah this style is too hard for me^^; so yeah, this kinda stinks Dx…

My friend :iconshizurou: is looking to do some commissions, if you want to commission him then I highly reccomend him! He's awesome as he drew me something once and it was more then I asked for :D
So I have planned the first 10 chapters of my Alfheim story for character development for Mayonaka, Ratie, Kaze, Giyo, Luvia, Ifrit and a few side characters. One of the major problems with SAO, is that there's not much character development for most of the characters, so that's why I plan to do the first half of the series like this so you guys can grow to like the characters before they start their real adventure :D

As for chapters 11-??? (I haven't decided how many chapters there will be yet) these will focus on Mayonaka and the others searching for a treasure that's located in ALO that no one has found yet.

So yeah, I plan to do a quest-adventure type story with this series that I think will be really fun!^^

There will be a "season 2" of this series but first I need to do my SAO prequel series so after "season 1", I'll take a break to focus on that series :D
Yup, from an anime source that keeps up with important info for anime lovers, says that because of money issues, Attack on Titan season 2 is only gonna run for 12 episodes!

On the one hand, I understand. For one, if you can't pay your animators, you can't get the results you want. It's sad but sadly true.

On the other hand, I rather have 12 episodes then no episodes. As long as it's paced right and is actually giving a fitting end to the series that shows or explains about the Titans, I'll be happy. Though this means two things; 1: I may have to actually read the manga of AoT to get all the info, and I'll have to wait each week for each episode. And 2: (this one is more for me) If the series skips important things, then writing my AoT series might get mixed up. I can still do the season 1 parts of the story, but if I get to season 2, things will be trickier.

I am happy to read AoT and see the things they never added :)
So, I'm glad I waited for season 2 episode 1, because it shows what the other cadets of the 104th were doing during episodes 24-25 of season 1, so I plan to start work on Attack on Titan: Path of a Solider^^

Though this means I might pause ALO CH4 because I really wanna start chapter 1 and see what you guys think of it :)
Two words: Dark, and Awesome.

I'll keep this spoiler free aside from the trailer.

So the Beast Titan has already captured my interest. I wanna know more about him! What is he? How can he talk? Questions everywhere!!

It was sad at the end because a really funny character died and it almost made me cry because he sounded like he was in real pain being eaten alive! It even made my breathing and heart beat increase!

I can't wait to see more!