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I just looked and saw my friend Mdestroyer27 was deactivated...not sure if he left on his own or what...he's one of my first watchers from when I joined 3 years ago....

I might take on his OCs as that was something we discussed but they are still his, I'm just gonna keep them alive for him...
So, I really want to start these two fanfics, so today, I'm gonna try and get at least one of them posted, and then maybe tomorrow if my friend doesn't come, I'll work on the other^^

The reason for these two is because of how popular my ALO started to get, but because it comes after Sao, I decided to put that series on hold and go to the Sao part and start from there.

As for Attack on Titan, alot of you guys have been waiting for this so I hope I can make a decent first chapter did you guys!

I'll be continuing Dragon Ball Warriors too at some point because that one is doing great! 

So lookout for chapter 1 of AoT and Sao and then ch5 of DBW ;)
So to celebrate for the arrival of the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and the fact I'm starting an Pokemon Alolan series, I'm gonna put all my Pokemon into the Pokebank so I can restart both games and create 2 of my 3 OCs :) the make rival Laau and the female rival Moana (and I'll make my main character Ke ahi on Ultra Sun).

I have a team list that I need for Laau (Sun) and Moana (Moon), and if anyone is willing to help breed them as you guys seem to know the best stats, nature and such for each Pokemon :)

Now I'm gonna only stick with Alolan region Pokemon :)

Moana's Moon Team

Poplio (girl)

Pikipek (boy)

Bounsweet (girl)

Salandit (girl)

Misdrevious (girl)

Alolan Sandshrew (boy)

Laau's Sun Team

Rowlet (boy)

Dewpider (girl)

Crabrawler (boy)

Turtonator (boy)

Elekid (boy)

Cubone (girl)

I pretty much picked Pokemon I haven't used yet but seemed like great choices :3 

Do if anyone can help me, that be great!^^

I've just been busy lately, but don't worry, I'll be getting to stories when I can, I promise ;) I'll mostly be doing Dragon Ball Warriors, Sword Art Online (once I start the first chapter and a title), Pokemon Kanto and Attack on Titan: Path of a Soldier, so keep a look out :)
So my baby bat that moved into the upstairs window is gone....some people came and fixed the windows to my apt so they look nice but...I don't know if the bat in the window flew off or they killed it and just the idea that they did is really making me sad... (Just had a big cry...) and what's worse, I named it this morning...I called it Zubat (yeah, I'm unoriginal)

And also it seems my Pokemon story didn't do well as no one faved it except for 3 people, but two of them did it because I mentioned it didn't have any faves, and then another said it was a cookie cut of a start, that it's how all Pokemon fics start...I thought I did my best at making it slightly different but whatever I guess...hopeful ch2-ch3 do better when I post them...

I just needed to vent...later... :(
So here's my team I plan for Ultra Sun, which I was gonna use my Sun team but it sadly had problems so the the only returning Sun Pokemon I'm using is Incineroar and Komono-o since they were the two that did the best on my team :)

Sadly I'm having trouble deciding on the last two slots, maybe you guys could help me :) here's the list so far!!^^

Pokemon Ultra Sun Team

Incineroar Fire/Dark -Boy-

Golispod Water/Bug -Boy-

Komono-o Dragon/Fighting -Boy-

??? -Boy-

??? -Girl-

(Alolan) Ninetails Ice/Fairy -Girl-

Pokemon I'm considering 





Aerodactal (possibly for the Mega if the stone is in the game Sun/Moon so when I get the ring, I can Mega Evolve)

I'm trying to think of a good start on the series, but I don't know what to do Dx it starts during the time of the 104th Cadets training which I have plenty of ideas to try, but I can't think of a good start Dx I had a few ideas but because I don't have core, I can't make this a poll, so please please please comment if you like this idea, it's the only one I've got but I don't know if it's a good idea :(

A flash forward that shows Lisette getting her memories back and then goes back to the start where it shows the events leading up to this moment
Okay I can't remember if this was today, yesterday or a few days ago, but it's now been 3 years since I joined this wonder place and met so many people! Many of you are still with me and there's new people too!!

Thank you all so much! I hope you'll all continue to support me and my works for many years to come!! :D…

This is just made my day!! I can't wit to buy this game! I have the rest of the year to save up! I love Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and I love it! :D and this one...oh goodness or looks good~!
I hope he's having a good birthday in heaven, happy birthday granddad! I miss you... :tears: 
So to make the Alien story series good, I need to think of ideas to make it as good as the first, Alien, and the sequel, Aliens, I wanna make my Alien series with the terrifying Xenomorphs dark, scary and complex, but also simple and easy to follow.

Unlike my Star Wars and SAO fanfics, where my OCs are placed into the Clone Wars and Rebels, my Alien fanfic is gonna have only original characters, so there's a higher risk. It's like my Dragon Ball Warriors story, you guys seem to enjoy it quite a lot becUse I'm making great characters, and true, it's simple now, but it well get more intersting and complex later :) 

Anyways, what would you guys like to see in my Alien fanfic series? I'll take some ideas because I need to start thinking of ideas :) 

Just comment your ideas in this journal or send a note titled "Idea for Alien" :)
So in two months I'll open another contest^^. I picked August because it gives me time to work on the stores I have so sometime in July I'll make a rule list and open the join journal ;) 
Aside from two RP stories in trying to do, a request, which is the last request I'm doing because of other things I need to do, about 4 commission stories and two or of three prize stories, I also have like 30 of my own stories I have planned to show you all, they range from older ideas to drawing based to recent ideas ;) 

They are mostly Pokemon, Yugioh and Vanguard based, with some Fire Emblem and SAO (with my OC Ryujin and Premire or Rain or Seven or Sinon or Liz, I have a few ideas, mostly tickling, foot worship or bondage peril ;) also I picked only these girls because Ryujin has known these ones more ()) thrown in but all the stories I'll try and balance out so its not all Pokemon or all Vanguard, I'll do my best to give each area a turn :) so I hope you all enjoy!
So I'm gonna start point story commissions. Now some rules:

-I'm busy with my own stories, so I'll try to balance commissions stories with my own.

-I'd like you to clear on what you want. I won't do it if I don't fully understand what your asking.

-Send a note with your idea :)

-You may ask for my OCs to be in the story if you want :) and if you want your OC to be used in a story, it has to be an OC I'm familiar with.

-Please try and stick with the anime/games listed below :)

-I'd like to stick with fetish stuff, it's easier to write :)

-Points will be paid AFTER I've posted the commission :) (this is more to myself XD)

I will update this now and then :)

Anime that I'm most familiar with^^

Cardfight!! Vanguard
(OCs: Original: Akaihono, Luna, Hiro, Skyrina, Scarlet, Kiryu. G set: Mayonaka)
Angel Beats
Sword Art Online
(OCs: -ALO- Mayonaka -Spriggan-, Ratie -Cait Sith-, Kaze -Sylph- Ifrit -Salamander-) 
Future Dairy
Attack on Titan
The Seven Deadly Sins
Kill la Kill
Yo-Kai Watch
Little Battlers Experience (LBX)
Tokyo Mew Mew
Yugioh 5Ds
Pokemon (all Regions)
(OCs: -Kanto- Zachary, Juno, Carl, Adelise Rocket grunt, Crystal, Luna, Ario.)
Bakugan Brawlers
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Ranma 1/2
Haruhi Suzumiya
Rosario + Vampire
The Familiar of Zero
Shakugan no Shana
Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super
(OCs: Misaki -Saiyan-)
Megaman EXE
Code Geass
Guilty Crown
Eureka 7
School Days
Girls Bravo
Heartful Days
Midori Days
Future card Buddy fight
Mayo Chika
Is this a zonbie?
When they Cry/Higurashi
High school of the Dead
To Love Ru (all seasons)
Dog Days (Dash and Double Dash)
Every day life with Monster Girls
My little sister can't be this cute

Star Wars Clone Wars
(OCs: Zino, Senkara)
Star Wars Rebels
(OCs: Zea)
Teen Titans
Lolirock (still watching)
Legend of Korra (season 1-2)
Avatar the Last Airbender
MLP: FIM (beds to watch s7)

Video Games:
Final Fantasy 7, 9 and 10
Kingdom Hearts (all!)
Zoids Legacy
Stella Glow
Star Ocean: Till The End of Time (still playing)
Monster Racers
Bravely Default
Bravely Second
Fire Emblem Birthright
Fire Emblem Conquest
Fire Emblem Awakening
Fire Emblen Echoes
Fossil Fighters
Fossil Fighters Champions
Fossil Fighters Frontier
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Super Smash Bros (3Ds)

Fetish stuff that's allowed! If there's anything else, ask first :)

Foot worship
Living suits
Asylum peril/straitjackets
Underwater peril
Babysitting trouble…

:iconfezmangaka: needs help reporting this person who NEEDS to be banned! Like now! 
Okay, so I've finally selected the top 3 winners. I have to say, everyone did a fantastic job, this took me far longer to complete then I hoped. 

The drawings and stories were all fantastic, I can see everyone put their best into them! So picking the top 3 was super hard. 

For those that didn't make the top 3, you'll all be rewarded 5 points! Like I said before, I would do more but I only have enough to give out 5 :(


In 3rd place we have :iconrunekeriandrake: his entry was this story:… in this story, Aqua, Kairi, Xion are sent for training but it seems something forces them to worship each other's feet, against their will as they are also forced to have each other's socks forced into their mouths. I won't say more as it's an awesome story :)

In 2nd place we have :iconmonochrome-spectre: who drew Namine getting tickled by Larxene: monochrome-spectre.deviantart.… Namine is my second favorite girl, I just feel so bad for her, and this situation doesn't help her situation. I think the idea for this is an alternate storyline where Larxene re-captures the memory witch and ends up tickling her.  

And in :iconkattobingu88: ! He did a wonderful drawing with Aqua:… I really love this one, because I could actually see it happening! Aqua gets turned into a damsel by Phil to get saved by Zack or Herc. Since Herc lost he has to train more, while Zack asks Aqua about that date ;) this is pretty true to Zack because I could see him doing this, asking her about the date XD 

Okay, so I'll sent a note to the top 3 and I'll send points to the rest, thank you all for joining me!! I don't know when I'll do another contest, I might take June for a break. I will also make a poll on what should be next, that way YOU all can pick!^^
So I made an art trade story with TF with Jaden and DMG turning him into Harpy Girl, could someone RP it with me so I can make it a story? Please and thank you :)
Okay, to the posted people, I'll be deciding today on the top 3 winners of the KH contest. 

The winners will get a story from me while the rest get 5 points each :) 

I would do more points, but I only have enough to give 5 at a time :(

This way everyone gets something :)

I've just been trying to recover from being sick and other things, but I'll get to them soon :)
Kingdom Hearts Contest finished posted journal

And it's done! The Kingdom Hearts contest is over and there are many great entries. However with so many great entries it's gonna take time to decide on the top 3 winners. 

Also I still need to think of the prizes as I haven't drawn in awhile so I might do story prizes, no limits :)